Advanced Spline / Road Tool


I have yet to seen a very realistic and effective road tool on the marketplace or on the internet that can effectively make incredibly realistic road for any scene. I’m talking about highways, city streets and what not, done very easily.

Road Tool should look something like this. CiM 2 Map Editor Tutorial - 03 Roads and splines - YouTube Here is the list of features that Road tool should have.

  • Terrain deformation. Adjust the terrain under the road. Also,it should allow to smoth the terrain at the road sides by a distance controled by us.

  • Road intersections, crossroads, roundabouts.

  • Controls to clear object to a distance sideways of the road.

  • The option to close the road for race track simulation.

  • The option to blend the start and /or end of the road with the terrain for a fluent transition.

  • Side Objects. With this, we can add light, fences, Railing, barriers, Street lights, signs, etc.

  • A bridge and a tunnel system.

  • An option to generate waypoints for the roads, maybe based on the control points. This is good for any car ai to that follows roads paths.

I believe it would be very effective and if there is anyway to go about creating this in scripting or if someone can create a road tool like this one, I would be very very pleased.


You sure can order one here:

Unreal engine is literally sleeping on this subject, it is incredible that Unreal engine is not able to offer an adaptive route tool that is suitable for beginners as well as experienced people, this would avoid hours of research and hours of lost work, because yes the tools original of unreal engine is useless, it is useless, please wake up unreal!