Advanced Social System

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Our next blueprint asset is now available on the Marketplace.

Advanced Social System - Marketplace Link
Supported Engine Versions: 4.10 - 4.16


The Advanced Social System is a chat, party, guild, emote & command system that allows for socialization between players.
It is designed to be easy to integrate into projects and provides a powerful command/social system that is simple to build upon.


  • Configurable chat channels (Say, Yell, Party, Guild, Private Messages and Global chat).
  • Emote system that allows you to assign animations and sounds to player emotes.
  • A party system where you can invite, promote and kick members.
  • A guild system where you can create guilds, set a MOTD, invite, promote and kick members).
  • Area based global channels for easy configuration of zone chat areas.

Example Commands:

  • /? - This help information
  • /quit, /exit - Quits the game.
  • /say, /s - Send a message to players in your immediate area.
  • /yell, /y, /sh, /shout - Send a message to players in your area.
  • /emote, /em, /e - Perform an emote with the given text.
  • /party, /p - Sends a chat message to your party.
  • /guild, /g - Sends a chat message to your guild.
  • /whisper, /w, /tell, /t - Send a message to another player.
  • /reply, /r - Reply to the last whisper.
  • /general, /1 - General chat channel. Seen by all players in the zone.
  • /trade, /2 - Trade channel. Seen by all players in the zone.
  • /invite, /inv - Invites a player to your party.
  • /leave - Leaves your current party.
  • /remove, /uninvite, /kick - Removes a player from your current party.
  • /disband - Disbands the party.
  • and many more commands included.






Tutorial: Merging Into Your Project

Tutorial: Creating Commands & Emotes

Update Notes:

Looks like another purchase for me.

fd32b4d1844bdc9031deed02e512e360050aedc6.jpeg Yeeeeeeep picture is worth a thousand words

haha thank you for the positive comments :slight_smile:

How does the chat function? I’ve seen some chats featured, and they were single socket tcp. Which IMO isn’t so good …

It is blueprint only so the messages are handled by the server using unreal’s networking system. When a player sends a message to the guild channel for example the server sends the message to all members of that guild who are online. It is cleanly designed so you could change it to send your messages to an external server that handles your chat system without much modification if you wish to do so.

Additionally loading and saving guild/player info from a save file or database is fairly easy to do as well. It is left open to implement any way you wish and includes demo content to show you how handling data such as guild/player info works. Just like our Action RPG Inventory System the demo content uses datatables to store the demo information which is similar to how you would retrieve data from a database or save file.

Very nice.

How much will need be done to integrate this with ARPGIS?

What other multiplayer systems are you working on?

I have been eyeing this on youtube for weeks… I am super excited! :smiley:

It will be very easy to migrate.
I will be creating a tutorial but it’s a lot easier than migrating the Inventory System as there are less moving parts.

We have a few systems including two related to combat almost finished but at this time plans to release anything else on the marketplace are on hold.
We want to make sure people are happy and have the support they need for our first 3 assets before we flood the marketplace with more.
How successful these 3 assets are will also help determine the future release of these new more complex assets.

Keep up the great work pirate! You have fantastic projects, and amazing support for them.

Thank you :),

Our A.S.S is now available on the Marketplace
I am working on a merge tutorial now and another tutorial showing how to add new emotes/commands.

Well I wish you much success want to see the other assets as soon as possible!

I am interested in your asset, but I am wondering how it works.
Imagine I want to use this on a non-client hosted server, how would players go together? Default Unreal Networking?

I really like the demo I bought, but you could put a tutorial on how to install and operational in a project, especially for those who are working are not so even with the unreal engine, but we try.

Me gusta mucho la demo que he comprado, pero podías colocar un tutorial de como instalarlo en un proyecto ya operativo, sobre todo para los que no somos tan hábiles aun con el unreal engine, pero lo intentamos.

UPDATE 1.1 - Notes

I have made a few changes to the Advanced Social System to help make it even easier for people to migrate into their own projects.
Epic has this update any I’m really hoping it’s released by Epic Monday Feb 29th. Sometimes they are quick to push updates sometimes it takes a while.
It’s out of my hands at this point

***I highly recommend anyone who has the 1.0 version to fully migrate the new 1.1 update when it is released.

The update focuses on making it easier to migrate overall and also to help avoid some of those nasty blueprint linker issues when using component references with the current version of the Unreal Engine. It also adds a new Server command type to show how to run basic commands on the server if you want to. The tutorial for creating new commands and adding emotes uses this as an example. So if you are viewing the tutorials with version 1.0 you may get a little confused as to why you don’t have the function or event. But you can still learn a lot from the tutorial if you want to watch it before Epic releases the 1.1 update.

Here are the changes outlined if you are comfortable with blueprinting it should be pretty straight forward. All updates made after 1.1 will be documented with screenshots and videos. The reason why this version was not is because it was meant to be a day 1 type update and it took longer than expected for the update to be released on the launcher.

Version 1.1 Changelog


Blueprint Changes:


  • Renamed UI_GetSocialComponent to GetSocialComponent
    Check the implementation in your player controller and rehook back up the SocialComponent if the rename caused it to unhook.

GetSocialComponent Macro

  • Updated GetSocialComponent Macro to use SocialHUDInterface->GetSocialComponent() instead of Casting GetOwner() to SocialPlayerController and getting SocialComponent.
    This involved adding and In/Out exect on the Macro. So the macro has to be updated in all the places it was used in the SocialComponent.

Server_GlobalChannelMessage Function

  • Replaced GetOwner Cast to SocialPlayerController get Social Component with the GetSocialComponentMacro.

Server_SystemMessage Function

  • Replaced GetOwner Cast to SocialPlayerController get Social Component with the GetSocialComponentMacro.

**PlayerEnterArea Function & PlayerLeaveArea Function **

  • Replaced Actor Cast to SocialPlayerCharacter->GetController Cast to SocialPlayerController with Actor cast to Character get controller-> GetSocialComponent Interface message.
    This does removes the need to update the character cast node and player controller cast node when migrating as we simply just need a basic player controller reference to get the social interface function that is implemented.

User Interface Changes:


  • Renamed NamePlate to PlayerNamePlate
  • Removed the Character reference and added a Player State reference variable.
  • Updated the function to use the Player State reference and cast to SocialPlayerState to get the information for the UI


  • Removed the PlayerStateReference Variable and in the BeginPlay set the PlayerNamePlayer PlayerState reference to Self->PlayerState

OnClickedChannel Function

  • Fixed a bug when clicking on the channel name in the chat window it didn’t make the chat text box fully active for typing.
    If you look at the change you will see the fix is that ChatInput-EditableText gets set user and keyboard focus just like in the OnClickedName Function.

New Features:

I have added a new Server command type to make it easier for new users to build commands meant exclusively for the server.
This will help people who aren’t experienced with Unreal Networking and aren’t sure how to implment specific system type commands on the server vs client.

[ECommandType Enum]

  • Added new Server command type
    If you ever change the order of command types you will need to update your ListCommands as the assigned types on your commands will have the values shifted.


  • Added a new ServerCommand function that takes a Name variable and String variable.
  • Added a new Command_Time function under Commands/Server that returns the server time.
    Event Graph
  • Added a new RunOnServer reliable custom event called Server_ExcecuteServerCommand that calls the ServerCommand function as the server.

ExecuteCommand Function

  • Added logic to the CommandType switch to call the Server_ExecuteServerCommand event when a command of the newly created type is used.


  • Added a new Time command with the type Server that players can use.


I understand this is an inconvenience if you have already migrated it into your project and moving forward all changes will be thoroughly documented so that they only take you a few minutes to integrate into your own projects.

The merge tutorial video also goes through a quick overview of the different working parts in the system.
If you are new to Unreal and don’t necessarily know what some of the classes are or how they work together it should give you a little bit more insight into unreal and the system even if you aren’t ready to merge it yet.

A new tutorial video is up on YouTube for the pending version 1.1 release.

Tutorial - Creating Commands & Emotes

Just a reminder though, these tutorials are based on the 1.1 version that is going to be released by Epic any time/day now.
If you are trying to follow along with the 1.0 version you will be missing the server command type, event and function.

How will we know a new version is available?

Version 1.1 is available on the launcher :smiley:

Please let me know what other tutorials you would like to see.

Awesome, I want to buy this now, I just need to know how to play it on lan/internet, it is possible?

Is there a changelog available?