[Advanced Sessions] String to player name

I’m working on a game and I recently started to implement leaderboards into it. The way I set it up was so that when a player completes a level, it will automatically post a score using their unique steam ID from the advanced sessions plugin. I had always assumed when it came to displaying the leaderboards, I could just grab the list of unique IDs and convert them back into actual player names, but upon working on the table widget today, I can’t seem to find a way of doing this.

Is anyone aware of how to convert steam unique ID in string form into an actual player name (using AS plugin or other methods)?

Thanks in advance!

Using the Steamworks SDK, you should be able to get an user nickname from its ID using SteamFriends.GetFriendPersonaName(steamUserID) eventhough the calling object is not a friend of the other.

Is this something I can achieve in blueprints?

Well the Steamworks SDK is a C++ SDK so you will need C++ to use the function I detailed. You can then expose it to blueprints though but yep you would need C++.
If you want to settle this using blueprints only, check this tutorial, I haven’t watched it myself but it seems pretty complete and looks like the guy manage to access names in it. How to Setup Steam Multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints - Entire Guide - YouTube