Advanced Sessions Plugin

Its the same subsystem with no changes in ue5, they had no real need to make changes there.


When I install it following this tutorial Steam Multiplayer - Advanced Steam Session - Unreal Engine - YouTube it first asks me for rebuilding the plugin, and afterwards it says it can’t that I should rebuild them manually, ( the plugins )… All of this with 5.0 sorry I tend to not use plugins and my knowledge of them is not the best.

Will, there be a version for UE5

There already is a repository branch for ue5, I generally don’t precompile for preview and EA builds of the engine, but considering how long term and unpatched ue5 EA is looking to be I may do it.

I tested UE5 MP With steam sessions, with some file that someone ( I don’t remember who ) here in this forums area posted and it seem to work more or less, I will try more on it.


When I package game with Advanced Session plugin the doesn’t start
I get this error - LogPluginManager: Error: Unable to load plugin ‘SteamShared’. Aborting.

Ho can I fix it?

Hey guys!
I want to check if the match has started.
Players must not enter the game when the game has already started.
Any ideas?

I found solution, but I still don’t understand how to do it.