Advanced Sessions (plugin) Package Error

Hi All,
I’ve run into an error using Adv Sessions plugin when I package. When using a GameInstance with a Parent of Advanced Friends Game Instance (Which comes from the advanced Sessions Plugin) the build (package does complete) launches with an error: “Could not find SuperStruct AdvancedFriendsGameInstance to create Shooter_GameInstance_C”.

Shooter_GameInstance_C is the game instance child of AdvancedFriendGameInstance that I created for my menu/lobby. When running in editor this poses 0 issues and the packaging does complete, it is when I launch the built exe. I have tested this with UE versions 4.21 & 4.22, and the Advanced Sessions Plugins for both versions hopeing an update would fix this.

Additionally, I have changed Shooter_GameInstance so that it’s parent is not AdvancedFriendsGameInstance. When I do this the package completes per normal and the build launches. However, this solution is currently not viable for me because the ‘create advanced session’ node that I need to create my lobby does not work in the build. In editor the node completes, but in the build it never succeeds nor fails- but is called (the Node has an execute that always passes through).

If anyone has any idea how to find/fix the error as it relates to SuperStruct not found I would be most appreciative. Also, if anyone knows or can help me understand why the ‘create advanced session’ node is not behaving properly when the parent is not an AdcancedFriendsGameInstance in build but is in editor I would also really appreciate it, I’m a little (more than a little) out of my depth.