Advanced Session Extra Settings & Public Connections # not working?

For context, how the game works is this:

  • Player creates a lobby, players join lobby.
  • One or more player can determine if they want to be an alien.
  • When all players are ready, the current lobby host determines who will host the actual game (which is the alien)
  • Game host is determined, leaves current lobby session and starts a new gameplay session with generated session ID
  • All other players leave lobby host, join gameplay session with generated session ID
  • Original lobby host ends session, joins new game host with generated session ID

Problem 1: I create a session specifying “Public Connections” = 2 but a seemingly unlimited number of clients can keep joining

Problem 2: I’m making a Session Property Key string called “Session Key” that gets set to a UID for various reasons and in my search if I tell it to only find “Session Key” that are set to “lobby” and not this UID, it still joins the session with the specific UID

Try the console command

net.MaxPlayersOverride 16

Or whatever number you want. See if that fixes your issue. Fixed it for me.