Advanced search in Blueprints

Greetings. I’ve used advanced search few times and still confused by the boolean logic and nested rules.

Nodes(Pins(ObjectClass=Static Mesh) && Name=Set)

This suppose to return Nodes that have “Set” in name and Pins that requre “Static Mesh” as input.
But the result ignores the Name rule.

Documentation have no examples.
Thank you in advance.

I am also looking for some more detailed documentation on this with some examples. I just can’t seem to get exactly what I want in the results using the Advanced Search Syntax.

We have some different Blueprint Function Libraries across several blueprints and I want to easily search for any node that uses one of these libraries. Currently I can search for a node with a specific name or sets of names but this does not really save me much time since each function library has several function names and I would need to search for each one. I would love to be able to just specify the function library’s class name and for any node using this to come up in the search.

I have tried several different ways using the documentation here:…rch/index.html but I am not having any luck.

Any examples would be greatly appreciated!