Advanced Safe Zone error

Hey everyone, I recently purchased the advanced safe zone pack from Nocte, and am having issues getting the project to create itself. The item is showing up in my library, but when I click the button to create the project and select the file path, nothing happens. I see no progress and I when I check the folder nothing was created. I believe I’ve had this happen before with other content. Engine version and support seems to lineup. What am I doing to make some of this content in my library not function? Has anyone else figured out how to reload/download library content and get it working?

Noone has any suggestions to get vault content to work? I reinstalled the launcher and the engine. Other items in the library with the create project option work. The Nocte Studios advanced safe zone pack just sits idle for me after clicking the create project button. Help please!!!

There is a side down sign -> Delete Local Content.
That will delete the cache and you can redownload the package.

If you struggle after, you can email to author and request a .zip project file. I think that would not be a problem.

I knew I saw this somewhere!! Where is the delete local content prompt? If you mean the drop down arrows next to each entry on any of my library content… they are not working. Can you post a quick pick?

Sorry you didnt quote and I dont get notifed.
Can you test that drop down arrows on another product of your library. If it will works, you need to create a support case by this link…language=en_US they will help you to figure out.

But I think you need to change some path, to be more rootable and do the same thing with naming.

None of the drop down arrows on any of my content work. The arrows do not do anything even after a complete reinstall.