Advanced RPG Combat Template Final Update: Magic System is going to be avaiable soon!

Dear fellow developers!

I would like to let you know that my final update to my passion project, the Advanced RPG Combat Template is soon going to be avaiable for download on the marketplace.
It’s an update to the existing product, so in case you already have the product, you can just update it to receieve the new functions.

New Updates:

  • 2 New Weapon Types: Staff, Orbs (Staffs can be used as melee weapons too, the player can block, attack with them. Orbs can fire quick projectiles with RMB+LMB )
  • **3 Implemented Magic Types, easy to create your own **- Fire Frost General. (Each style needs it’s own weapon to function. E.G: Fire needs a fire orb. General skills can be used with fire and frost weapons.)
  • 3 Skill types: Target based, Placement, Area of Effect. (Target based skills deal damage to a single target, while AoE effects deal damage to everyone in the area.)
  • 2 Skill casting types: Dynamic, or Channeled. (dynamic skills can be used while moving, channeled skills need to be channeled for X amount of time before casting.)
  • **Ranged weapon skills: **Explosive arrows, freezing arrows, arrow barrage.
  • New Widgets: Action Bar, Skill Book, Skill Tree
  • Complete Mana System
  • Cooldown system
  • Plenty of new magic animations and anim montages

I’m currently making the final touches, polishing, commenting the code, and I’ll submit the update to the marketplace. I’ve made a Quick showcase video about the new functions:

In case you have any questions, or you would like to request a feature before the update goes live, feel free to do so here, or via Email: