Advanced Rolling Ball Kit

Currently, i’m working on my new project named Advanced Rolling Ball Kit, which will be not only another kit, but it will be also a complete game too.
With fully working menu, purchasable player mesh and many more.
I’m currently planning its price tag, which is currently 20-30$.

(352 KB)


  • 9 Different Ball Mesh (Baseball, Basketball, Beach ball, Bowling ball, Golf ball, Poolball, Soccer ball, Tennis ball, Volleyball)
  • 16 Different Ground Mesh (Modular)
  • 3 Different Cloud (Small, Middle, Large)
  • 4 Cel Shaded Material (Base, Base with Normal, Base with Roughness, Base with Normal + Roughness)
  • Hologram Material
  • Hand Painted Textures
  • Post Process Outline Effect (with Depth and Normal detection)
  • Post Process Screen Effects (Paint, Pixel, Comic you can find these in the Video Options under Filters)
  • Foliage Includes (4 Bush, 5 Plant, 3 Tree with 3 color, 2 Grass, 1 Flower with 6 color)
  • Foliage & Cloud reacting to the players position
  • Power Ups System (Hyper Jump, Hyper Speed, Hyper Copter, Hyper Bounce Hyper Solid, Hyper Randomizer, Hyper Time Freezer)
  • Pick Ups (Coins, Diamonds, Stars, Keys)
  • Coin System (You can pick up coins with different value and use those to purchase different balls)
  • Diamond System (Some levels will require that you collect all the diamonds, before you can actually finish the level)
  • Star System (With the picked up stars, you can unlock images in the Extras submenu)
  • Gold Key (You can open a Wood Door with the Gold Key)
  • Traps (Tornado, Landmines, Bumpers, Trap Doors)
  • Anti-Gravity Ability (The ability to go on a wall or a rooftop)
  • Magnet Ability (The ability to attract objects, towards yourself with a nice lightning effect)
  • Stomp Ability (The ability to stomp on the ground, when you’re in the air)
  • Dash Ability (The ability to dash whenever needed, can be used as a little speed boost)
  • Teleporter (One Way)
  • Rail (Spline Mesh)
  • Time Trial System (You need to compete against time on every level, your results are saved/loaded accordingly)
  • Fully Working Menu System (With a level selector, ball shop, options, extras, credits)
  • Ball Shop System (You can use your acquired coins to purchase balls with different colors)
  • Save/Load Sytem (When the game starts, it’s saved settings will be loaded, the saves can contain: completed levels, times, coins, stars, options and many more)
  • Easy Level Management (You can easily add/delete to/from the level list)
  • Every meshes & textures source files will be included too, so you can easily change those (in .blend & .psd file formats)
    It’s the best with an Xbox 360 controller.

There are still things that needs to be done:

  • Creating Meshes & Textures (Start, Finish, Tornado, Landmines, Bumpers, Power ups…)
  • Creating Particles
  • Creating Sound Effects
  • Changing Musics
  • Creating a greater looking animated HUD/UI
  • Creating Levels



Do you like my project so far?
Then, go check out the builds and don’t forget to leave me some feedback about it!
Also, if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask it. :slight_smile: