Advanced question: Procedural generation, in game map random map generation, level streaming.

Disclaimer: I’ve read the few posts I could find about EPIC not supporting in game random terrain generation in the engine. From what I gathered, it could be done but it isn’t supported.

Hello fellow game devs,

My question centers around using static mesh components. There’s a lot of awesome material out there about procedurally generating just about everything. I’ve spent what feels like an entire week watching, reading and learning from such an amazing community and I can’t wait dive into some projects with these techniques. So some questions come to mind while looking at all of this awesome stuff that I haven’t been able to answer yet.

A) What are the pitfalls of using completely procedurally generated maps? (I’m not talking no man’s sky here IE no content/not engaging)
For example if I’m using tiles or hexs ect. Are there hard limits I do not want to exceed?

B) Would it be possible to generate a master map which breaks down into smaller level maps?

My current understanding of how level streaming works is once a level is unloaded there’s nothing left working in that level. I’m assuming I will have to work with level streaming for the project I would like to tackle but I’m trying to get a better understanding. In a nutshell I would like to a game that draws influences from Civ series, simcity, city skylines. One of the biggest complaints (I know there was many) about simcity was that they cities didn’t actually connect to each other properly and the assets (citizens, cargo ect) never syncd correctly.

C) Am I completely nuts thinking it should be feasible to generate a larger world map where multiple players can connect their creations and see what the other player is doing in real time? If not, I’m interested in an educated approach about how I would go about tackling this task.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope my questions make sense, running on fumes here. I would also like to add that the devs I see around here and on the discord channel are absolutely amazing. There’s so much information and creativity flowing around. It’s truly inspiring to see what everyone is up to!