Advanced Puzzle Constructor

An toolkit for creating / prototyping gameplay in few clicks.

21 game ready object with parameters that you can adjust and adapt for your own game very fast without any programming skills.

Asset is contain fully physic box with push / pull and player climbing feature and widget system.

All object have various parameters for adjustment, robust realization and QA passed. Play demo level and you will see how is possible to create game ready level.

Key widget is supported most of PC, PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch key symbols.


  • Interface based system. No any cast to or pointers to object specific class
  • 21 gameplay objects: Physical box, Lift, Teleport, Dynamic bridge, Doors, etc…
  • Component based controller. Fast integration into any character
  • Game ready quality demo level

Marketplace link](Advanced Puzzle Constructor in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

](Advanced Puzzle Constructor in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

Update 1.1 is available:

  • Animations has been replaced with new improved animations
  • Telekinesis Gun and Telekinesis object
  • Telekinesis object Pickup system
  • Telekinesis Remote control
  • Small Door
  • Bug fixes and improments