Advanced Programmatic Mesh Creation - Want to know more about it


For starters, would love to have some UE terminology/names of these features cleared up! I think I might have confused myself on some :slight_smile:

Mike Fricker mentioned briefly about this APMC tool set on an older stream iirc and on latest one on the 4.17 preview stream he touched on the mesh editing and PMC topic.
As I’ve understood it (perhaps wrongly?) the coming mesh editing tools set is going to not only supersede the procedural mesh tools, it is also going to introduce a “base” structure for all of the mesh types in the engine like static mesh, dynamic mesh, skeletal mesh and also how we import geometry and support for N-gon type of meshes, like quads and other types of n-gon topology compared from today’s triangle only.

How are these “Advanced Programmatic Mesh Creation” tool and Mesh editing tool connected? Is the APMC a part of it or an extension of Mesh editing? Is the trello link (below) for “Polygon modeling with subdivision surfaces” the roadmap for what Mike said was “Mesh editing tool”?
Also what is actually superseding the PMC, is it the APMC or the Mesh editing tool? (if they are not the same or connected features)

UE Roadmap Trello links that are currently under “Future releases”:
Trello - Advanced Programmatic Mesh Creation
Trello - Polygon modeling with subdivision surfaces (so called mesh editing tool?)

For the second part of this post I wonder if and when these features will start being available as experimental and available from the launcher? Are these features already available on github?
Would rather be happy to be able to skip building a github version :slight_smile:


There is dev-geometry branch on github:
There is also this thread with a bit old video preview: (VIDEO) UE4's Geometry Mode is inadequate when compared with that of Quake 1 - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Any update about this ??

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I belive that 4.20 feature Mesh Description - New Mesh Format comes from geometry 2.0 dev because creating widely usable mesh format was needed in order to make everything properly and with good reusability. Other parts of new geometry tools are still very experimental, however those are included in 4.20 too. It can be enabled by using command “MeshEditor.Enable”.

New mesh format is important when it comes to programmatic mesh creation, as it should allow easier work with any mesh and every mesh in unreal will be using this format (even same format for skeletal and static meshes).

Any update about this ??

Any updates?

If I’m not mistaken this was being developed as a plugin called “Editable Mesh”]( which has a library of Blueprint nodes used to edit meshes programmatically. It hadn’t seen much progress for a while until somewhat recently when Chaos started using it to fracture geometry caches. However, it looks like earlier this year they stopped working on this Editable Mesh plugin and started fresh with a new one called “Geometry Processing”](

It seems to have a lot of work being done on it recently probably due to Chaos, so I’m pretty hopeful we’ll see this come to light within the next few engine versions.