Advanced Multiplayer Chat System v2.0

Advanced Multiplayer Chat System provides everything you would expect from a modern MMO chat system. This includes: Multiple Channels, Tabs, Settings, Commands, Private Messages, Social System and more! It’s easy to implement and customize.

I recently published a 2.0 build with a lot of new and reworked features.

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Preview Video:

Main Features:****​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 100% Blueprints - Entirely made in blueprints, no C++ knowledge needed.
  • Replicated - Fully functional for Dedicated Server multiplayer games
  • Channels - Supports a variety of channels, each having its own functionality and colors. Currently has 11 channels, more can be added.
  • Dynamic Tabs - Supports multiple tabs which can be added, removed or edited.
  • Tab Settings - Every tab can be customized to suit player preference with its own separate settings. Includes the ability to enable/disable specific channels for that specific tab.
  • Global Settings - Includes several global chat settings.
  • Commands - Easy to implement system with several already existing commands.
  • Social System - Supports group related content with a variety of channels and commands.

Other Features:

  • Fully Commented
  • Allows Scrolling
  • Alphanumeric Characters Only (Can be changed)
  • TimeStamps - Each message contains a timestamp. This can be enabled/disabled
  • AutoScroll - If the player is docked to the bottom of the Chat, they will automatically jump to every new message. If not, they will not be interrupted by the latest message while reading through older messages.
  • Current Channel DIsplay - Always know in which channel you are currently in. This also includes the name of the person you are privately chatting with.
  • Command Errors Resolver - Notify the player of improper command use.
  • Say/Emote Messages displayed above the sender’s character in a radius around them. This can be enabled/disabled.
  • Press “Enter” to start typing a message. Press “/” to start typing a command.
  • Zone Notifications - Notify the player of entering a new zone.
  • Combat Log - Notify the player of any damage dealt close to them.

Version 2.0

UI Overhaul
Hide Background Improvements
Access all previously sent messages by using Up and Down arrows when typing.
More feedback messages have been added for when a player uses a command.
Bug Fixes


Supported Target Build Platforms: All (Tested on Windows)

Feel free to post any questions here!