Advanced Mobile Input - Pinch Zoom, Panning, Rotation, Hold, Shake, Double Tap, Swipes

Advanced Mobile Input provides mobile input data for pinch zoom, panning, rotation, swiping, finger holding, double tapping, and device shakes. Video:

• Pinch zoom (2-finger)
• Panning (1-finger)
• Rotation (Two-finger)
• Swiping (8 swipe directions, as well as the swipe angle)
• Double tapping (Multi-finger)
• Finger holding (Multi-finger)
• Device Shaking

This has been submitted to the marketplace as of today :smiley:

Update: This is now on the marketplace - Get it here: Advanced Mobile Input in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

I am happy to say that this pack has passed initial review, and I have now submitted my files for review.

This looks great!

Awesome, I’m glad to hear that!