Advanced Locomotion System V4 / V3

I was very exited to get V4 but I can not retarget all of the animations without a crash, I am trying to get Makehuman characters work!

I follow the instructions in this videoALSV3 - Working With Other Characters, but UE4.24.2 crash when I retarget the major BP and when I get to ALS_N_Falling_LeanPose_0 etc. - I did post this a bug on Discord as a bug. (Say , all of the montages works just fine…)

I would want to investigate this more, and I wonder if it is possible to download ALSV3 - and if that works compare the corresponding poses between V3 and V4!

Getting the same error with the POLYGON collection characters

I’m also experiencing the same issue with polygon characters. The issue is the mannequin contains a couple of bones that the polygon character (and nearly every other 3D model) doesn’t have such as toes. That being said, this wasn’t a problem in V3.

Sorry for not getting back on this! I don’t get a notice from the forum when someone reply to posts I made… how the heck do you guys keep up with this?

Anyway - I tried to debug this, via the C++, this fails for me, in the Array of bones, at some point the Index runs over. However I am very new to C++ so I am not able to decipher what causes this to happen… (I tried to change the code for the Array.cpp/.h files, but that kind of messed up the entire project! :wink: )

This is clearly a UE4 problem, not catching the index at the right place, however I don’t see that the guys from Epic responds to bug reports, so perhaps it will never be solved.

Sorry - that would be a problem! So both ALS and Polygon people would be interested in solving this. Someone with a bit of C++/Debug skill should be able to figure out what is happening. I did try to compare the skeletons, but the error could also be in vertices or somewhere in the Mesh?

Partial good new, I found a workaround for the UE4 bug, it’s not all clean, but I will get you one step further: Makehuman using ALS V4

Please see my “solution” above - It should work for POLYGON characters also!?