Advanced Locomotion System - Bow Alignment

I’m pretty new to ALS and I’m having an issue with my custom character and a bow. As you can see the elbow is bent in a weird way and the hand is not perfectly aligned to the string of the bow.
I tried changing animation poses (ALS_Props_Bow_Poses), but there was only a little change and only when character was moving (i’m probably doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: , btw i disabled the aim sweep to see if changing poses worked ).
Did anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone know or come up with a possible solution? Thank you in advance.

Base pose: Base pose - YouTube
Edited pose: Edited pose - YouTube

never used the system, BUT, the weird pose is no doubt a result of a bad IK chain/setup. or just a disconnected value for it.
Maybe coupled to a bad animation? The elbow position should theoretically be derived from the animation itself. the hand placement thereafter adjusted via IK.

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Thanks for your help! After reading your reply i tried to play with the values in the setup of IK but i couldn’t get any decent effect. The elbow was doing what it wanted even when moving joint target and i couldn’t get it to work.
What I did though was disabling the hand IK for the bow when aiming and its actually working quite okay for now (I hope it doesn’t break anything): Disabled IK - YouTube


If anyone has a better solution I’m still looking for one :sweat_smile:. This one’s definately not perfect, 'cause there’s still some weird stretching when looking down or up (I think it might be connected with the aim sweep animations).

If you ask @c.longmire42 nicely, I’m sure he’ll chime in on it.
The support thread for ALS is likely broken and all…