Advanced Locomotion - directional rolls are inconsistent


I wanted to add directional doges while character has strafe movement. For this I am using Rolls and Dodges Animation Set .

I have set up all animations as root motion, I have created montages and set up all animation notifies. I have set up detecting one of eight directions (based on axis inputs) and I fire montage on specific key press.

The problem is that the direction of doge differs based on moment when is pressed during walk/run cycle. Eg. I am only moving right and sometimes the doge is to the right, right-back or right-front.

Other problem is roll back is not working properly - the character does some strange rotation just before roll animation - hard to descibe but the roll end’s up being to the side rather than back.

How can I tackle these issues?

Just in case anyone had similar issue - the problem was constant input. I just had to disable/inable it during rolls