Advanced LightActor Systems Marketplace Thread

Hey fellow devs! I’m proud to announce that my second marketplace product is finally finished, and it’s avaiable now on the marketplace. Please, if you have a moment, check it out, maybe it’ll get your attention.

I’m reserving this thread for any feedback, questions or requests for the product. In case you don’t want to write down your feedback here, feel free to write me an email at
General Systems (works in all Light Actors):

MULTIPLAYER READY~ Everything is replicated and multiplayer ready!

Light Flickering~ If a player aims any LightActor at an actor that has the “LightFlicker” tag added to him, the system starts flickering the light.

Pickups~ Relevant pickup actors for all LightActor Types and Battery Types.

Holstering / Hiding ~ holstering the light actor the system can completely hide the actor out of the game, or just holster it

Light Actor Relevant Systems:

Flashlight Blinding System ~ Aiming flashlight at players makes them blinded.

Flashlight Intensity Switching System ~ Switch between 3 intensity levels.

Dynamic Battery Draining System ~ The higher the intensity, the faster the battery of the flashlight drains down to 0.

Lantern Physics Swinging ~ Swinging back and forth on the X axis.

Camera NightVision ~ Night Vision functionality, with customizable settings.

Camera Recording and photo creation ~ Recording enables interactions in the world. E.G if something is recorded, start an event.

Camera aiming w/ two variations ~ Fullscreen aiming or a “Real-time” aiming where the player’s view only zooms in to the camera’s screen.

Camera Screen widget ~ battery power, battery counter, zoom levels, recording text, time passed since recording, camera focus, and more.

Camera Battery Drain System ~ More functions turned on, faster battery draining.

There aren’t enough space to mention all the enormous functions and Systems the product has. If you’d like to read more, you can read the documentation:…ew?usp=sharing

**In case you’re interested, check it out at: **…82f766f859cc1d

Hey! I’d like to let you guys know that I’ve created a small video about how to import the System easily into your own projects. It’s definetly easy, and you can do it without the help of the video I’m sure, however I’d like to help out as many customers I can, so I’ve done it anyways.

Youtube Link: Advanced LightActor Systems - Import the system to your own project tutorial - YouTube

Have a good day!

Thanks for a great product. I have successfully migrated it to my project and integrated it with my own character’s blueprint etc, (thanks to your great youtube video), but I’m unsure how to skip the picking up part of the light actor and just have it already equipped. Could you explain how this is done? Thanks

is there any way to run flashlight blind node in an IA?