Advanced Laser, Energy, & Bullet Decal System

Hey fellow Gamedev comrades!

I have submitted my Advance Decal system to the trello boards. VOTE HERE

You get both an advanced Decal placing system all done in blueprints and a wide array of Decal materials.

-Metal, Concrete, Wood, Glass, Sheetrock, Plaster Bullet decals and more++
-Laser, Energy, and Explosion scorched decals
-Decals materials that dissipate heat and change materials
-SubUV placement system for allowing many variations of decals efficiently
-Directional based decals that match the angle of the impact! =)
-Raw textures include diffuse, specular, normals files

Burn away surfaces today!

Check out the video out!

I really enjoyed this project and If you like what you see, please GO VOTE

Voted. Great job, these look really awesome.

These are the best I’ve seen yet! Great job!

Thanks KitatusStudios!

Thanks Also Synt4x.

I’ve gained a whole new respect for the Material Editor on this one :slight_smile: I could spend all day everyday in UE4, oh wait… I do! haha

Just. Awesome. =]

Nice Work! Love your effects!

Pretty **** cool.

Thanks Necrophob30!

Cheers & thanks alot DemolitionMan!

Thank you Tesla!

I’m glad that people are enjoying this pack. :slight_smile:

BTW, does this decal system work on landscape terrain? Just curious since I didn’t see any examples of that in your video.

Good suggestion, I’m planning on using them on both landscape and brushes, but I haven’t tried yet. It should work, but I will do a test and make sure. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Ya, I am evil that way. I sort of have a knack for asking interesting questions…

I did check this on landscapes as I sent the release version to Epic and it worked fine. There is one small hiccup if you assign a physical material to a landscape you need to restart the editor for it to actually work. =)

Thanks again!

Hello fellow Gamedevs! The decal pack is now available on the marketplace. =)

There is one step that needs to be done after downloading the pack to open the demo map correctly. The physics surface configuration doesn’t get setup when added to a project.

  1. Download the “PhysicsSetup.ini” HERE to your project config directory
  2. Open your editor and go to “Project Settings”

  1. Go to the “Physics” option under the Engine category
  2. In the upper right hand corner, you have the option to “Import…” a file. Click on it and load the “PhysicsSetup.ini” that you downloaded.

  1. The change doesn’t take effect until you close down the editor and restart it
  2. After restart, load the demo map and it should work =)

Let me know if anyone has issues.

Thanks and Enjoy your Gamedev!

Hi everyone!

After you get the physics ini setup working, open up the “AdvancedDecals” level (the demo map). Then open up the level blueprint. Make sure you are on the EventGraph top most level and you will see how the blueprint logic is structured.


Each collapsed node on the right handles a specific piece of the logic.

  1. “Initial Impact Trace” Node
    -This node is simple, it just traces the world for the hit object

  2. “Directional 2nd Trace” Node
    -This node is used to calculate the direction of fire and can handle any surface, topology, or even edge cases

  3. “Set Decal from Impact Angle” Node
    -This node is where you can adjust your Angle threshold for your decals such as what angle is considered deadon…ect.
    -You can add even more resolution by extending a few more angle thresholds. I have it set to three, but you could techincally setup as many that you want.
    -For each angle threshold, you can setup a specified range of images to use. The Decal Sub UVMin and Max denote what images to use on the texture atlas.
    -You can set wheter or not a decal needs to have alignment or not. For example, the deadon bullet hole doesn’t need to be aligned. Instead, we randomly rotate it to give more variance

  4. “Select Particle & Decal from Surface” Node
    -This node is where you want to plug in what decal material or instance to use for each surface type.
    -You can also plugin the particle effect that you want to use or *Tip, the 20+ gun impact particle pack plugs right in here =)
    -This is where you want to also specify any custom decal sizing for bigger holes
    -You can add more decal surfaces easily here. For example, Dirt doesn’t have a decal material assigned by default. Just copy the “Set Decal Material” node and plug it in the chain, thats it.

  1. “Setup and Spawn Decal” Node
    -This node handles all of the final settings before spawning the decal.
    -Here is where you would add more “MaterialInstancDynamic” variables for your custom material effects. Check out the example material nodes provided. They were a ton a fun.
    -Finally, the math for aligning the decal to anytype of surface. This is complicated just ignore it, it works. This will handle any custom model surface upbasis. Depending on how you imported your model, there are differences and can throw off your calculation reference window. Figuring this out made my eyes hurt =)

I hope you enjoy the pack and can’t wait to see what you use it for.

Have fun with your Gamedev! and Thanks!

I’m working on a near-future project so the guns include both projectile and energy. After watching your video I can say this is literally perfect.

Haha nice pic! Thanks alot =)

Would be awesome if you could make your level blueprint into a macro/blueprint function for easy install.
Otherwise loving the pack.

Thanks Staggerlee for the suggestion =)

Hi fellow Gamedevs!

I need to bring up a decal lighting issue that has been brought to my attention. By default the deferred decal renderer will not render correctly in the shadows. Here is the work around if this is a problem for you.

Basically for 4.6 engine and before you open the project up.

  1. Open DefaultEngine.ini
  2. Goto section “[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]”
  3. have the following 3 settings:


  1. Start up the project/editor and you will compile all your shaders
  2. Finally, the last change is to open the decal material and change the “Decal Blend Mode” to “Db Buffer translucent color” or one of the other ones if you need roughness, normal channels.

Have fun with your Gamedev!

If my weapon fires a projectile, how do I use your system to provide the impact decal where the projectile hits the level?