Advanced Inventory and Other Skill Tutorials

Hi all! We at Invicta Studios have started a new channel to post lots of videos to help people learn how to do beginner-advanced things with Blueprints, as well as videos over materials, terrain generation, possibly modeling, and anything else we think of really! Below I will post a link to a playlist for an advanced inventory that we did a good ways back, but we accidentally posted it to the wrong channel, hence us starting a new channel for our actual company rather than one of our specific games. So sorry to repost a series I posted a year or so ago, but there are new series and things to learn now as well! We plan to release at least a video a week from now on to grow the channel. We also plan to give out finished projects or mini games to study once we have more subscribers. And finally, we also offer tutoring on Fiverr for those who want to learn one on one with us, or simply have us make something for them by order.

Inventory Playlist: Inventory Series - YouTube