Advanced IK Foot System


After so much hard work it’s finally Here Advanced IK Foot System

MarketPlace Link : Here

Single Player :

Multiplayer :

Advanced IK Foot System everything made with blueprints self explanatory easy to merge with any project.

No C++ and no plug-ins used at all the system have full multiplayer support.
Technical Details

• IK Foot placement system
• Made entirely with Blueprints
• Two movements mode
• full multiplayer support
• Crouching (still experimental)
intended Platform: Windows

Update : V1.01 Released

-made the character movement while ik enabled much more smoother
-fixed a bug fixing for the character sometimes jiggling while going up stairs
-fixed a bug for the client in multiplayer when he goes to weapon mode and rotate doesn’t the replicate the rotation angle (only if the players move) -fixed a bug going side ways to the stairs let the camera shake
-fixed a bug if the player moves between the ground and the stairs and go down slightly cases a character and camera shaking

more updates coming with more improvements until we get the best ik system out there if everything goes well might include multi-ped support :smiley:

will this work in third person mode, too ?
i am developing a point & click adventure game.
do i have to do anything with my character to make it work ?
kind regards

if you have different kind of skeleton than the default mannequin you can either re-target it and use the mannequin animbp and just put two sockets on the feet or make him new animbp and copy paste the old AnimBP to the new AnimBP for the character you have and and change the mesh on the player character to your new character and animbp and you will be good to go :slight_smile:

thx for the detailed answer ! 3rd person will work, too i guess ?

yeah it will