Advanced HUD minimap

Hi. Im posting here a HUD blueprint I made.
Advanced HUD minimap is a HUD blueprint containing a lot of functions capable of rendering a rectangular or circular minimap. You can make points sweep around player, hide them when too close, dock them to the map radius (or further), connect them, change size of points if they are above or below the player, change point color according to the actor latitude, change point material according to a parameter (eg. an enemy is trying to fire a gunshot at you, so you can while it is aiming have a different material for this enemy). Moreover, the detection assistant allows you to seamlessly load other actors that sould be rendered on minimap. :slight_smile:

Take a look at the video explaining how it works :slight_smile:
[video]- YouTube

Check out the size, color and material changes by latitude :slight_smile:
[video]- YouTube

The whole blueprint not only draws the map, but gathers the actors to render and decides wheter and when it should reload them. You can set a lot of parameters such as MapRatio, MinimalRenderDistance (distance necessary for actors to be rendered).There are loads of functions for you. They will help you to draw, dock, resize, the map and its boundaries for points. Thus, you can use not only my default map materials, but also your own and customize the points for it. The pack also contains materials for points and player point that can change color. There are simple and advanced functions. Using the advanced functions enables the point anchoring at radius (or further), set the minimal point distance where the point will hide or sweep around the player if it is too close to the player. You can also store points to arrays and use these them to connect (close) points randomly or in order. There are also the functions that make points gathering very simple. You only need the array where they will store the actors of given classes if they are in the Minimal Render Distance. With DetectionAssistant you can avoid the power consuming actor detection being done every frame. You can set the duration after which the detection will run and also set up the distance the player has to move to force the detection to run. The more the player moves, more often the detection runs. In advanced functions you can also change the size of anchored points and HideLimit(to hide even the anchored points)

Please ask me if you have any questions :slight_smile: Hope you like the minimap :slight_smile: