Advanced Headbob Animation

I know about how to make a basic walking/running headbob using the “CameraShake” actor, and while it’s great as a placeholder, I need something more advanced and believable, while also being flexible enough to tweak at my leisure.

At first I thought I could use a Matinee sequence to animate the camera, but that ended up not working out for me. Is there any way I can manipulate the camera beyond CameraShake to accomplish this in Blueprint?

You could try to animate the camera with Timelines; one for forward/backward motion and one for sideways.

I don’t know how to do that. What is the curve supposed to look like?

Okay, I got a really good, realistic headbob without having to mess with timelines. Basically, I stuck the camera to the hand socket of the First-Person template’s placeholder character model and made the mesh invisible. I then rotated the camera until it looked good. When I move, it animates the move animation, causing the camera to bob slightly. This works for forward, backward, and side-to-side. Additionally, I can add a Camerashake actor to introduce a slight randomness to the bob.