Advanced Foliage Material [WIP]

So once 4.7 was released i decided to create a new material utilizing the new double sided Foliage shader.

I setup the material so that it is completely controllable via Instancing just like all of my other materials. This particular material is currently using Sine Wave animation but i will be changing this over to a Wind node when it’s finished.

The material will have both a Tessellated and non-Tessellated version so it can be utilized for different levels of detail, the version in this video is the tessellated, displaced version.

The material allows you to use either a SubSurface Color Map, a Fresnel based SubSurface Color gradient or you can use the Diffuse Texture itself as the SubSurface color with it’s own separate hue and intensity settings. It also allows you to use an Animation Mask texture to control what parts of the mesh move (lets you disable movement on stems where they touch a branch for example)

This example represents a moist, jungle type of leaf but the material params can be adjusted for ay type of foliage.


**Direct Link **-

Heya C. Looks like the video link didn’t work. Love to see what you’ve got going so please update when you can. Cheers,


It shows up for me, if you’re viewing on Mobile it might not show up since it’s Vimeo.

Here is the direct link if it’s not showing up in the thread -

Interesting. I hadn’t noticed that issue before. Ah well. That material looks so amazing I’m excited to see it in use! Any guess to the performance hit it might bring on? Cheers,


Feels pretty alive, good job!

this looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it in action.

It shouldn’t be more of a hit than the standard double sided foliage shader causes unless you use the tessellated version of course.

Amazing work !
I’m a huge fan of your work on the MarketPlace.

Do you have an ETA on the foliage release? Even if you want to share some tips on how you got such great results. heheh :slight_smile: For example: How did you mask out the Veins in the Subsurface Color slot?
I can’t wait to BUY this when it goes to the Market place!

very cool!