Advanced First Person Player Movement

Hey guys, just wanted to show you a first person movement system i did. I’m pretty excited with this because it has no bugs and it’s perfectly smooth (it’s not exaggerated, but also it’s not static). Anyway, hope you like. If you find something please tell to me, or just share your opinion!

Wonder how you did head movement

Pretty cool, I like how smooth it is! Any additional features planned for it?

Thank you!^^ Regarding to the movement effects, the only thing to do left is add some camera shakes when the player takes damage (the shake intensity depending of the damage amount), and maybe some sorts of animations for future features, like climb ladders.

For the standard walking cycles I used 3 camera shakes (walking/running/crouching), and for the strafe effect, there is a finterp that plays on the movement right vector. (for example, if 1, the camera will rotate 12º; and if -1, the camera will rotate -12º).

Also there’s an spring arm with movement and rotation lag to add a little more of smoothness :smiley:

Excellent looking, I will study it when it comes time to make my own enhanced fp movement!

In addition You can do an enhanced camera shaking after a long sprinting
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Sure, it’s a good idea! didn’t thinked on it. I’ll add it to my to-do list, but currently I’m working in other features as the inventory and the interaction with the world

Some options to decrease or remove camera shakes because it can become nauseating.

I’ve thinked to add to the settings menu an slider where you can progressively adjust the scale of the camera shake, from 1 to 0, so each player can put it at his taste or disable it completely.

Could you create a tutorial about this system or at least briefly explain how it works? I will be very grateful