Advanced Export IMG Seq

Watching the presentation from GDC, I see that the good people at Epic are really interested in seeing where their users can take the engine for generating linear content- which is awesome. I’ve been using UE4 for linear stuff since it came out last year.

I suppose this could be sort of a feature request- but it might be built in and I just don’t see it.

It’d be really nice to export img sequences (or avi’s) without having to assign each matinee actor as “autostart.” Often, I’ll have many many matinees in my level and having to go through each and make sure that only one is set to autostart (or play on level load, whichever it is) is a bit tedious. Granted- it’s still a heck of a lot faster than traditional offline rendering but still, for those of us primarily developing videos being able to just select which matinee, select the director, and let it rip. I already have a little blueprint telling the game to quit when each finishes, that’s easy enough!

Having a batch function would also be awesome! I know another editor already has this… but their EULA is so restrictive…

Anyway, if anyone has a workaround - or I’m just too thick to see the built in solution - I’d appreciate any input!


Hello The3DStig,

As far as the image sequence for matinee, there are a few options available at your disposal within the Matinee Actor itself. The ‘Movie’ button option within Matinee will allow you to render out an .AVI with control over things like your Frames Per Second and Disabling the HUD interface.

Here is a bit of documentation on the Matinee Actor and how to render out a cinematic. It also provides some general guidelines and tips when trying to maintain performance and quality of your captured movie.

Matinee User Guide

Matinee Movie Options

Click on the ‘Movie’ button in the top right corner of the matinee editor window.

Rendering Options


Here you are able to choose how you would like to render out either an .AVI at the desired frame rate, or an image sequence. If you would like to render a series of images and compile them as a movie, you can also use the command console. Follow the link below for options on this approach.

Dump Movie Option

Let me know if this was what you are looking for, or if you need more assistance.



Yup- know all about that. I use the “make movie” button daily. I even have a simply blueprint telling the movie to quit when the sequence is finished.

However, I notice that unless my matinee is set to “play on level load” my camera movements and actors aren’t captured.
What I’m looking for is a solution that allows me to pick from a matinee sequence and tell it to render that, without having to specify “play on level load.” Often, I have multiple matinees per level and having to go through and make sure only the I want is set to auto play is a bit tedious.

Also, and this might be better put under feature request, having more than one director per matinee would be nice!

Hey The3DStig,

No problem. I see what you are requesting now, and have gone ahead and entered a feature request for this suggested implementation (UE-12565).

If you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate you taking the time to make this request as it helps improve upon the overall user experience with the Engine.


Awesome! Thank you!

I really think this kind of rendering is the future for most of us that can’t afford a big ol’ render farm. In the cases I have used it so far, no one can tell the difference between offline and UE4 rendering.