Advanced Enemy AI

Hey Guys,

Ok, I am really getting into the C ++ side of the house far as this goes.

From what I am seeing, there is no limit to how intelligent you can make your Enemy AI.

This is exciting since there is no roof top that you run into.

I am getting into EQS and the Behavior Tree stuff too…Man, it’s really Cool…

Anyway, just wanted to share a little happiness…


New to the UE4 AI?



All jokes aside, you can do some really cool stuff with the AI, but at other times you will find yourself banging your head against the desk.

Either way, good luck, have fun :slight_smile:

Yep, I am new to the whole ball of wax.

Having a Blast with all of it.


Just remember, the simplest solution is usually the best one.

If you’re ever creating something with your AI and think “this is going to involve a ton of work… there has to be an easier/more efficient way”, there almost always is.
It’s all about thinking outside the box and getting sneaky with the code.

Sorry if that sounds cryptic, but you’ll soon see what I mean lol.

Hey Juice,

I like that…“getting sneaky with code”…

Ok, Also, I was looking at this once Market-Place Piece Questing System…and it’s what I need…It’s just I am having a Heck of a Time “Frankenstein-ing” Market Place Assets Together…

Is there a Book or something that I can get to help me wrap my mind more around Blue Prints?

I am taking tons of lessons, that I purchase, but I really want to comprehend what it is I am learning…

Does that make sense?


Unless your using a single asset, it would b better to use Blueprint based content from the marketplace as inspiration rather then as-is.
The more Blueprint based content you have from from different authors, the chances of the content working nicely together reduces.