Advanced Dissolve FX

I’m so excited now that my first pack is released! If you’d like to see it in action, here’s the video:

Here’s the documentation:

The Marketplace page:

Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for visiting this thread!


I love the pack!

Was wondering if you knew an easy way to avoid seeing the original blue texture when the dissolve effect is called.

I’m trying not to see the pattern (blue and gold) when the dissolve is called.
I’m attempting to achieve a dissolve effect when an Enemy AI dies.

Most likely the enemy AI will be a simple base/missed color.

P.S. Sorry for the video quality.

If not, I’ll just mess with the timing.

Looks sweet EmAr, nice work =)

Thanks guys!

Here’s a basic video tutorial by the way:

Hello EmAr,

Just stopping by to say: awesome material pack!

Thank you TechLord!

Lovely work keep it up. Don’t hesitate to add me and exchange knowledge.

Thank you too DieByZer0!

Using the pack to create an Internal Gore System.

That’s great to hear TechLord! I’d love to see it in action when and if possible!

Here’s a video tutorial I prepared as a response to an interesting tech support question:

Hello :slight_smile:

I trying to use the spherical Helper + the right materials in order to make multiples objects apears…

My problem is that only the object super close to the Helper get affected.
I ve tried with and without distance_based_deactivation, but it seems there is a hard limite to the affect distance ?

looks really cool, what about something like “starcraft warp” ?

Really great things here, gj…btw i saw a realtime bolean and i have cried (max user, some people will understand :slight_smile: )

Hi Adrien, thanks for purchasing the product!

If I correctly understood the situation, you need to use a larger value in the switch_radius_multiplier parameter. It’s explained in the 10th page of the documentation. If you’d like to use distance_based_deactivation as well, you’ll need an even larger value in the deactivation_distance_multiplier parameter.

I hope this helps.

CriErr, thank you! I’m busy with other stuff now but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

macoll, thank you too! Are you talking about MODO’s MeshFusion? I’m learning MODO right now and that’s an awesome tool!


I’d like to know your opinion about a potential improvement to ADFX.

Basically, in the variants that use a helper, a parameter is multiplied with the object radius to calculate the max distance over which the effects work. I noticed it’s a better idea to add the object radius and the helper radius before the multiplication.

Since I haven’t received any complaints, it kind of sounds like fixing something that’s not broken. Also, if someone replaced the original assets with new ones, they’d have to re-adjust a parameter and that might involve testing stuff.

So, any opinions are more than welcome!

Hi. I purchased the plugin a while ago, and now I want to use it in my game, but from watching all the videos I’ve seen so far I haven’t a single clue how to actually use it in a game.

The videos go into technical detail about creating effects but I’ve not seen anything about implementation.

I’m using blueprints. For most of the game the actor is sitting in the game seen without fx.
At a certain point I want to make the actor disappear with a dissolve. Let’s assume it’s a simple mouse onclick event over the actor.

In simple terms please, how do I go about doing that, how do I trigger the dissolve from the click event?
(I understand how to set up such events, but I don’t understand how to apply it to a dissolve effect. When I restart the game I will want the actor to again be fully visible.)

Kind regards,

In event graph create static mesh component off that create dynamic material instance then you have access to the instance to change values.