Advanced Decal Component - Customize your animated Skeletal Mesh with UV decals [Marketplace Asset in Blueprints]

Check out our new Decal System in UE4 entirely in Blueprints! works on animated Skeletal Meshes as well as Static Meshes! You can add layers on top of existing materials (works on translucent surfaces too!), change the ZOrder of the layer stack, and add a tint to them / control their Alpha
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About 2.Requirements…

I’m not much of a Modeler. I kit-bash using meshes with existing materials to avoid dealing with UVs. This is also the driver for using Decals. The UV requirements are huge deterrent from purchasing this fantastic looking product. Can you provide a video tutorial or detailed how to accomplish these requirements? Blender is my DCC of choice. If this can be achieved within UnrealEngine thats even better. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for showing interest in this product.
As far as requirements go, there are 2, of which I’m going to phrase more simple as follows:

  1. The mesh has unique UVs : suppose your model is symmetrical in terms of topology and color. So there’s no need to unwrap the entire model right? That poses a problem for the Advanced Decal Component as the texture projection will also be mirrored.

  2. Using Decal_Blend_MF to blend between your mesh material and the decal material is provided as screenshots in the documentation, also as a tutorial blueprint asset to help you get going with adding Advanced Decal Components to your existing blueprints.

For a video tutorial, I’m hoping to make a thorough one in the future because I got my hands wrapped up right now. I provide support via e-mail to help you with setbacks that you find along the road with this asset, reach out if you have any questions, cheers!

Thank you for the rapid response. These are the 2. Requirements I’m referring too. Topology, Unwrapping, etc is all the UV work I avoid and its foreign to me. LOL.

I have intention of using this system very often, so I’m looking for any information that will make this process super easy, like press-a-button easy.

I’m afraid you can’t make use of the Advanced Decal Component on a 3D model without UVs. Although this shouldn’t pose a problem for you as most 3D software like Blender, ZBrush and Maya offer ‘automatic unwrapping’ out of the box for you. You can find many tutorials on Youtube for this subject.

Automatic Unwrapping sounds like something for me. If this is all I have to do, then I should be able to handle it. Ill do research. Again, I appreciate the rapid responses. Made a Purchase. Cannot wait to put this use. Awesome Work.

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