Advanced Character Locomotion & Animation System


Iv’e been working on a Character Locomotion & Animation System for quite some time now, and have decided to release it on the marketplace hopefully sometime in the fall…I was who would be interested in a system like this?

  • Here’s my latest progress video -

Goals for creating the system

When I started creating this system, I came up with a few goals.

#1: Create a system that looks realistic and works in many game types (3rd person / TFP)
#2: Maximize Input Responsiveness by directly controlling the capsule through user input. (No Root Motion during movement)
#3: Maximize Visual and Animation quality by minimizing things like foot sliding and bad transitions. It must look good at all times and in all conditions, as to prevent system from looking visually broken (Make the state machines as foolproof as possible…and No State Machine Spaghetti! :D)
#4: Keep Animation workload and complexity to a minimum. (Retain visual quality without the need for tons of complex animations and mo-cap)
#5: Keep the system as simple and easy to use as possible, but allow for customization.

Heres a link to an older post. A lot of internal work has changed since then -