Advanced Character Female : Rose



Clothing Physics Test

Rig Showcase One rig rules them all

Been working on this pack for half a year now the marketplace release will include the following

-Female Model
-up to 12 clothing meshes changeable in blueprint on the go
-character rig asset with poses to re-target from the following (Mannequin,Mixamo,Paragon Characters,More poses in the future)
-Face Morph Targets (Happy,Sad,Evil,Surprised,laugh,Angry)
-high end Physics asset for cloth simulation with clothing asset that support the cloth simulation
-Modifiable Shaders for the clothing skin and more
-Head/Eye IK system able to look on the Camera Or Enemy or anything you want
-locomotion system with camera adjustment ik foot placement system
-featuring realistic character rendering map clothing rig & locomotion levels
-2k / 4k maps chose what you want depends on your project/game budget

this and so many more features upcoming in the future

i will update this page from time to time until the release of the pack and even supporting anyone who have question or problem