Advanced Character collision?

Hello guys,
so recently I added a prone state to my character as can be seen here:

The problem is that the overall volume of the character now shifted from being along the z axis to being horizontal.
Therefore the default capsule component now doesnt allow for optimal shape covering. If I adjust the radius so that the entire length of the character is covered it will be too wide on the sides and I couldnt crawl into narrow tunnels and stuff like that.

So I got the suggestion to add a secondary collision component as shown and just enable it when I go into prone state:

The problem here is that the additional shape isnt influencing my movement collision at all. Ive tried several settings but nothing makes it block my movement into walls. It just intersects through and doesnt block my movement when it overlaps walls and other obstacles.

I have the feeling im missing something ridiculously simple here, or is this not as easy as I imagine?

Any help appreciated,


One way you could solve it is by rotating the root bone of your model. The capsule will adjust to the orientation of the animation with root motion and it could potentially solve your problem.
Another way could be by just changing the relative rotation of the capsule when you go on the ground.

How does that work?
Im not using root motion so Id rather find a way around that.

Sorry for the late response.

I tried rotating the capsule, but it won’t work properly. The best way would be to use a box collision instead of a capsule, but that would require making a custom Character-style class. I’m not really sure if that can be done properly though…

I wondered about this same issue a while ago. How about scaling the capsule down and adding sockets the the elbows, legs, etc. Then attach meshes to the sockets and make them invisible to the camera. Then give those meshes nice and tight collisions. Please let us know if this works. I was going to try this myself but haven’t had time yet :slight_smile: