Advanced bullet physics?

so i am very new to unreal and i have hopes to make a basic FPS. the only goal that i am trying to acheive is to make every bullet an entity with real time object penetration that effects the bullet. i also woild like the angle of impact and the thickness of the object to be factored in aswell. hance when the bullet goes through an object i would like a visible bullet hole that can be seen through. also if an objects sustains too many holes it will colapse (i know how to work the destruction editor).
thanks for the feedback

if you can someone has already a projectile in BP, it is in the market place.


I’m the creator of Realistic Blueprint Weapons. You can find it in the marketplace, just follow the link in my signature.

Right now it has a very realistic flight path, taking the bullet size, bullet mass, shape of the bullet and air density into account.
Other features include jamming, spread, recoil, full auto/singleshot/burst and a blast mode for shotguns.

Sadly there is no penetration yet, but it is coming soon, within a week or so.

Also, I have attachments in the works so you can add scopes, silencers, barrels and other stuff to your weapon. The attachments can also alter the stats of the weapon such as muzzle velocity, recoil etc.

As for making holes in walls that you can see through, that would need some work that I’m not able to make at the moment. It ties in with materials, depth maps and a whole bunch of other stuff I don’t know anything about.

You can check this video for a small demonstration of how a mesh can have holes in it without actually being made with holesSTXRrOSLfwo
I don’t understand much of it, but punching bulletholes in a wall is … well, it’s too complicated for me, others will probably find it simple.

Ok I looked at your assets and it is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Are there any procedures that I need to go through with you to Include this in a game that I will try to make (copyright and stuff) @