Advanced Branch (if, else if, else)


I’m asking you how does it is possible to create this maccro, to use it in blueprint :

It’s better to create a new “Blueprint Macro Library” , and add your standard macros to it , so you can use your macro in other blueprint classes.

I need the same maccro with pin, because thanks this functionnality, it will be possible to all different branch case :

  • if, else
  • if, else if, else
  • if, else if, else if, else
    and so on.

i would like to add that you should not try to rebuild the switch node
picture link is broken for me too, so ill just post the link to the switch node dokumentation
maybe this will help you to improve the blueprint and it has as many output links as you like

Sorry for digging the old post.
Recently, we released the code plugin which realizes the if-elseif-else statement by only one node.

I hope this plugin meets the requirement.