Advanced audio tutorials

Hi everyone! Used UDK for a while on a project and now mooving for uE4 (a bit late i know ^^"). I wanted to go deeper into the implementation aspect of audio this time and looked at Blueprint tutorials and stuff like this but didn’t find a lot of advanced audio tutorials online (only basic stuff as create a sound cue or similar things…)

I’m gonna use Wwise at the same time but i wanted to learn a lot using visual scripting as it seems to be an incredible powerfull tool (and i saw that a all new audio engine was coming with 4.17)

Do you know some Youtube Channel’s/ Website/ Documentation that are going deeper in the subject ? Only found one on the Epic Channel (

Could help a lot :slight_smile:

Thx by advance

Curious why you want to use wWise?

@Dan.Reynolds is our resident technical sound designer and can point to you some more advanced approaches to using UE4 and BP.

If there’s a specific thing you’re trying to do, I can definitely walk you through an approach. If you’re looking for a general resource, I find general BluePrint tutorials very useful. Especially if you focus on the idea that Audio, like many other disciplines in Game Development, is Event Based.

Learning BluePrints will get you a lot of mileage in the Unreal Engine as it is a central logic system for any type of designer in Unreal (whether they’re game designers, technical artists, or sound designers), and many disciplines share a lot of similarities in their problems and solutions.

If you’re looking for a heavy manual or reference book, Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould’s book on Game Audio Implementation is a pretty thorough resource on working with sound specifically in Unreal.

Otherwise, a tutorial series is definitely on my to-do list.

Here are mine tutorials I don’t know if they are advanced but maybe they do.

Hi guys! Thanks for replying! @dan.reynolds thanks for advices you are right it seems that learning Blueprint will fix almost all of my problems and things i could implement within projects in the future. I bought Audio Implementation Book years ago when i was working in UDK. Don’t know if they re edited it for UE4 as it is quite different.

Will have a look but definitely if you could make a tutorial serie that would be perfect for a lot of users :slight_smile:

@bartosz Thank you i’ll have a look !