Advanced Asteroid System | Actor Swapping - Passive Generation - Instanced Static Meshes |


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The Advanced Asteroid System (in short: AAS) is a generation and spawning system for asteroid belts, using Static Meshes and Actors. You can use the AAS for Environments, thanks to Instancing, or as an active part of your game through Actor spawning. The AAS can also dynamically swap chunks of Instanced Static Meshes with Actors. The initial generation and spawning of Asteroids is highly performant and can be customized. Tested with over 1.000.000 instanced asteroid meshes (low-poly) per system.


  • 3 Spawn Modes: Instances, Actors or Both(Swapping Instances with Actors)
  • Passive initial generation with parameters to improve performance
  • Chunk Spawning of Actors with multiple Follow Actors
  • Whole system and single asteroid type rotation
  • Seed based Generation
  • Multiple Asteroid Types within 1 System
  • Randomize Rotation and Scale with parameters
  • Use Curves for Spawn Probabilities and Scale Multiplication
  • Additional Noise generation for more variation
  • Indicators for System preview
  • Experimental feature: Oval Asteroid Belts
  • 100% Made in Blueprints

Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

**UPDATE: **The Documentation has been updated and includes more informations about passive generation, as well as the Actor Swapping/Chunk Spawning System.