[Advanced Assitants NEEDED] A freeze/crash bug within my mod that requires Advanced Assitants

Hello , as of now my mod is on the workshop but i have discovered a freeze bug that i do not know how to fix so as part of my mod i have given Wood .Thatch, Hide and Fiber a engram and crafting recipe (crafting recipe was added in PrimalItemResource) and those primal item resources are not in my mod folder they are in the normal Game folder causing a annoying problem of when i go in game a click on them to craft the game crashes and freezes however i tried moving primalitemresources to my folder and that fixed problem but now when i brake a tree for example and collect thatch wood hide fiber it does not work as it should like it collects in my inventory but cant be used in normal crafting recipes and etc so that basically messes whole game up

Possible solutions i have come up with i dont know if they will work so please tell me if u think they might

Create Duplicate PrimalItemsResource so 1 primalitem will be in game folder and the other will be in my folder
(would a child Duplicate do this?)

please help me solve this as my whole mod is technically Out of Order

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I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but your first post is lacking all kinds punctuation. I mean I do not even understand what the issue is since I have a really really hard time understanding the post. How about you fix the first post and see if someone is willing to help you then?

Hi Crafting,

People tend to help when they can understand the issue which is clearly not the case here. take the time to explain your issue with more details / more punctuation…

I’ll clean up the thread a little for you.

Hello thanks for replying please read below i will explain my issue more Detailed and explain…

In my Mod :

I have added a Engram To Item That Do Not (Eg : Wood) That Part Works Fine , Now because I am making Craft-Trades I need to also add a crafting recipe to these items so I search the MAIN game folder for there primalitemsresource after i found them I added a recipe of 2 thatch to them (2 Thatch Trades For 1 Wood) now here my issue : because the primalitemresource is not in my mod folder (Engrams are in my folder) so i think it is Missed out during cooking so it does not put the crafting recipe in my mod and so i can not craft-trade it in my new sturucture Now when I moved those primalitemResources to my mod folder it works good i can craft-trade and it works well with my mod However now that i have taken it from the main game folder it does not register as normal wood basically if i punch a tree i get wood , thatch but they can not be used in normal game crafts so example im making a torch it need 1 flint 1 wood 1 stone , i have the resources in my inventory but when hovering over torch it only says i have stone because it does not pick up the primalitemresoure (obviously because i moved it) so in order to fix that i have to move primalitemresource back which i do but that makes me have my first issue No crafting recipe (in my Structure if i hover over it shows no recipe if i click on engram it freezes and crashes game) so i cant craft the wood im am asking the forums if there is a way i can keep normal game features as well as get it to work with my mod as well

I hope a explain better – If you have a solution please share

Note : I have tried Duplicating PrimalItemResource and putting it in both folders ------- THIS DID NOT WORK

Hope you find someone that is willing to help you. I can always recommend jumping on the IRC, but its no guarantee for help.

not funny removing your thread


This is when primalitemresource is in it normal folder
if i click any of them it crashes game (as you can see the crafting recipe dont show up)
blueprint Wood is a glitch and also crashes game

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