Advanced Aim Component

Hey everyone!

Right now I’m working on a project for Marketplace, that allow you to quickly set some of advanced aiming features I made. With this component you can choose, whenever to use smooth turning (instead of simple rotate controller), one of targeting systems, dynamic crosshair, gamepad and touch support and some more stuff. You can also combine them to work together.

Here is a video demo and some screenshots:

Sorry for a bit boring vid. I’m to shy to speak English :smiley:

(Click to open fullres picture)

HTML5: (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera)


  • "Lazy" weapon. Weapon will smoothly follow controller.
  • "Lazy" camera. Controller will smoothly follow weapon
  • "Lazy" controller. Whole controller (camera and weapon) will smoothly follow your mouse movement
  • Actor targeting. Actor targeting will allow you to target one of the actors on your scene and shoot them easily. Great for Gamepad support.
  • Free aiming. You can aim without turning your controller.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Touch support.
  • Dynamic crosshair. Dynamic crosshair will help you to see, what you aim at. Of course, you can turn it off (Crosshair will always stay in the center).
  • Scope. Use this functionality, to make sniper scope for your weapon. You can even combine it with free aim and Actor targeting.
    Clean and commented code. I tried to make it as clean as I can. Many things are under functions and macros, so there is no messy graphs. And almost everything is commented (Variables, functions, nodes and logic).

After I release it, I will add more functionality. And probably will add Third Person support.

Price: 15$. Для России, Украины, Беларуси - Стоимость - 500р. (Для покупки по этой цене, пишите в ЛС](

I will be very happy if you post some opinions or suggestions :wink:

Well you’ve got my vote (and wallet).

This sure looks like it could save us a bit of time compared to our current botched job system (I assume things will be thoroughly documented/commented?)

I would suggest scaling back the sway a bit for a more realistic movement of the arms + head/camera


My last question is in regards to how easy would it be to integrate/merge this with the Realistic Blueprint Weapons by Black Works aka Rasped? Because we currently use it heavily on various projects commercial and otherwise and it would be very useful if your Advanced Aim Point Component was isolated in its own container in such a way that it is setup to be extremely pluggable to outside systems with ease.

I only mention this because it can become a pain in the *** sometimes when you’re working with multiple different UE4 Marketplace purchased + internally made blueprints that you’ve merged together and they are updated regularly on the UE4 Marketplace, though I can’t complain for new features even if it takes a bit of extreme time to patch in but time is money after all :wink:

I would be interested as well :slight_smile:

I would suggest another option using Raycasts. I love this feature:

But might be interesting one option for “actor targeting”. One to display some widget element as text, health bar, level, character name over the enemies heads, when the player’s gun is pointed at them within a certain configurable radius, that disappears after some time, when the player stop the aiming. Who plays Borderlands games know very well this feature.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, how Black Works’s system works, coz I’ve never used it. But maybe I’ll get it to make support of this and some other market stuff.

My system is a simple component, that works with controller, hands/weapon component and camera. It can be implemented simply by adding AdvancedAimComponent to your character, setting up cam and weapon references and inputs (3rd screenshot). System simply rotates your hands/gun component and controller. So if his system is only about weapon and does not touch controller rotation logic, I see no problems with connecting his and mine systems. But if so, you may need to remove or disable this logic and implement my AdvAimComponent. Setup it and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is an interesting idea, but it’s very easy to make on your own. All you have to do, is create widget with health, name or other stuff, and call it over targeted actor (reference on which you get right after you target it). The logic will be like this:

Just submitted it to Marketplace. If Epic will approve this, price will be 20$ (~9$ for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).

Thanks AlFlakky

Then it’s simple, I can to use your system with any type of floating widget!

But the widget disappears when the target is out of the player’s range (aim) or I needs to create a boolean branch to a remove from parent and a delay?

one more question:
We can use this to implement a homing missile (magic spell) attack locked in one or more targets (a chain-attack)?


System will fire event “Target Lost” when your target is off the screen (right now there is no test on walls or other obstacles). Then you need to call Remove from parent in order to remove widget.

Yes, this system does NOT include any attack, shoot or spell logic. It’s just about aiming. So you can implement magic, bullets or what ever you want.

Hello again!

I’m on my way to release this component. Epic ask to fix some stuff, and I hope, they are ready to release it after I make fixes (already did).

By the way, here are compiled versions, so you can test it.
HTML5: (Mozilla, Chrome, Opera)

Hello guys!

My pack has just released! No vid tutorial yet, but there is a tutorial inside the character blueprint.

Price - 15$
Для России, Украины, Беларуси - Стоимость - 500р. (Для покупки по этой цене, пишите в ЛС](

I got it and I like it rated 5 stars.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi. I really like your system and purchased when I had seen someone got it working with third person. I had tried but it switches everything to first person. Any suggestions on getting this package to work with Third person?


Hello, my system mostly made for FPS, not for TPS. However, it can be attached to Third Pirson and I got it. Maybe you made a mistake or something. Please, attach some screenshots on how did you connect this system, and component “details” settings inside the character.