Advanced 6DOF movement

Would anyone be interested in a 6DOF movement plugin?

This will allow your game to have movement similar to 6DOF shooters like Descent, Forsaken, Hellbender etc.
This is very simple concept, but i’m going to add some extra features:

-Choice of multiple acceleration models. Linear that behaves like a spacecraft with reaction engines in frictionless environment should behave. Exponential has no basis in reality, but subjectively feels better
-Can work as physics-based (applying forces to physx body), or as regular movement component (similar to UE4’s built-in “floating” and “character” controller)
-Gravity can be turned on or off, or replaced with your own gravity vector
-Wind (should work via GetWind function override, same as in EasyFM)
-Separate speed and inertia for each axis of movement.
-Multiplayer compatible (first i have to do tests to see if standard movement replication is good for this or I need to write my own)
-Code plugin, works with both Blueprint and C++
-…and more (suggestions?)

EDIT: Released on Gumroad:
EDIT2: Playable demo: