Advanced 2d camera system (Sample Project Available now)


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Download Sample Project HERE

2d Camera system is a production ready, highly versatile, complete camera solution for all 2d games. This includes (Platformer, Sidescroller, …… Ect) basically any game that moves on (XZ) and (YZ) planes both are supported.


Pawn Related Features

  • Easy to integrate into any Blueprint or C++ projects (Integration time is under 5 mins)

  • 2D/2.5D support

  • Paper2d supported

  • Perspective Camera support

  • **Dynamic pawn parameters “All pawn parameters can be changed during runtime to achieve different kind of results” Pawn parameters include:- **

    • Zoom Value (changing this will ensure a smooth zoom in or zoom out)

    • Playrate (playrate of camera movement in “seconds”)

    • Pawn Focus Type

      • Normal

      • Fixed X

      • Fixed Z

    • Easing function (choose type of easing function for camera movement ”Linear, ease in, sinsodual,……… ect”)

  • Dynamic Look Ahead Pawn camera with optional delay counter “The camera will show more space when character is moving” Look Ahead parameters include:-

    • Look right value (used when character is moving to the right)

    • Look Left value (used when the pawn is moving to the left)

    • Look up (used to look up or down)

    • **Move delay (apply look right/look left values after pawn is in movement for x seconds) **

    • Stop Delay (similar to Move delay but is applied when character is stopped)

  • **Dynamic Character Deadzone **

    • Easy setup a deadzone for character where the camera will only move after the character is past the specified limit



Zone Features

  • Dynamic camera zones, currently the system have 4 types of zones that are used to achieve different camera behaviours to achieve any required camera movement:-

    • PawnCameraZone (This zone is used to change any value of pawn camera movement during runtime) “This is good when trying to changing behaviour from normal camera to deadzone camera or to fixed x or fixed z

    • Autofocus zone (This zone let the camera focus on the center of the zone) “This is used to draw the focus of the player for a certain location in the level for example a respawn point or a shop, This zone can also be used on boss levels to have a fixed camera”. The focus rate and behavious is setup using play rate parameters and is initiated when the player is overlapping the zone

    • DistanceFocus Zone (This zone have similar parameters as auto focus zone but the interpolation for camera focus point is based on the distance between two values).

    • Block Zone (This zone is used to block camera movement) “For example a closed door, or an end of level”

  • All of the zones have many variables and it is overwhelming for me to cover all of them in this thread, which is why I will try to cover the different scenarios in a youtube video series. Please Stay Tuned.

I’ve been working pretty hard on upcoming features while the system is under review.

Some of the things that were implemented and will be added in the first release:

  • Add axis selection (XZ) or (YZ) this should cover all 2d games. (if people also want, i will add a top down “XY” axis in future update)
  • Improved camera behavior and motion when entering and exiting different zones.
  • Reworked “block zone” to add different invokers (Either block based on camera or character)
  • All zones now have either box collision or spherical collision

Finally Made sample project for you guys to check the system capabilities.

Download the sample project HERE](

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