Advance Vehicle Template problems in a 3rd person RPG

So I’m have a lot more trouble than I thought I would trying to incorporate the advance vehicle template in my game. Any help is greatly appreciative. Even pointing me to a tutorial series that covers this stuff.

I’m posting the screenshots of the BP’s and here’s a video

  1. I would like to scale up the car to match the character but every time I do the car gets heavy, doesn’t make it through ramps and loops anymore and the wheels start going through the ground.

  2. I possess the car and destroy the actor entering the car. I then unpossess spawn my character then possess the character when exiting the car. but then I can’t attack anything because my base weapon blueprint Character Reference variable can’t find the character

  3. something when I unpossess the vehicle the character doesn’t spawn. Seems to change cameras then get stuck.

  4. I save and load character stats before possess and after unpossessing the vehicle. Some reason HP is fine but
    Stamina and MP is reduced to zero.

  5. is there a way to reduce the vehicle tendency to flip out on tiny bumps when going fast? landing correctly after ramps? and reduce the tenancy of getting stuck on it’s back?
    Adjusting the “Center of Mass offset” could kind of help with the ramp and getting stuck on back but it’s also makes the vehicle flipout more on loops.

I actually use the destroy actor node the hiding and unhiding actor BP was a failed attempt in fixing problems 2-4

I collapsed the Unequip section to make an unequip all function but it still only unequips the primary right hand… I’m just not having any luck lately >_<

I tried tthe mass scale at .1 and 30. Either way seemed to make the vehcle a little heavier.