Advance movement actor system help

Complex stuff :slight_smile:
Okey here we go . Moveactor system.

I build it of collision box That makes me able to move actor up / down and side by clicking in the boxes for the direction :slight_smile: . However IF a move have started …I don´t want it to change direction if I hover over another box …IF I dont have relese my mouse button yet:) . So basicly if movement is started …dont change direction until I have Realese my mouse button and click on another box :slight_smile: . Now The direction colliding with each other as long as mouse is holding down :frowning: . Hopefully everything is clear .

Last picture is from My Playercontroller Tick others from the actor :slight_smile:

You’re keeping the gate open until the mouse is released. So when you mouse over another box, the movement changes direction because the gate is still open.

You need to close the gate once movement has started.

When the mouse is released, then stop movement and open the gate again.

multiple approaches …

On key press (down) set a boolean (keydown?) to true. On release set to false.
On mouse over/hover of the boxes check if keydown? is false … if so move, otherwise don’t.

another approach is to use “Is Input Key Down” as a conditional check on hover.

Here’s the whole thing in one BP:


But now you don´t have to hold down mouse button again if you not realese it ? Right ? My problem is as long as it in the one of the boxes and not relese the mouse button it can move in any direction .:slight_smile: .

I have to hold the mouse button, but… it will stop moving if the mouse is not over one of the boxes.

I will try see how I feel about it :slight_smile: .Thanks:)