Adult Card Game - Blueprint scripter


I’m an adult (hentai) game maker that would need someone to work with me on the development of a card game for adults. I’ve already tweaked a bit the CGC Toolkit that is sold on the Market with the help of someone but I need someone with real blueprint skills to shape it into what I want.

Since I didn’t find the stance of the forum about adult games, I’m not posting any links to my works, but I did finished games before, you can ask details through PM/mail.

Project Title:

Slice of Cards


I’ve made a little document to quickly cover the main features of the core gameplay. Once again, you can ask it through PM/mail (adult drawings in it).

Team Structure:

I work on a commission basis so most members I work with are not constant members. I’ve worked with 2D artists mainly, but also with a Unity programmer.

Previous Work:

Once again, not posting links. You can ask by PM/mail though.

Talent Required:

Mainly blueprint scripting. The ideal goal would be to make sure everything works fine and is coded so that I can tweak values (Cards’ life, attack value etc…) without having to require the programmer’s help.

The CGC Toolkits deals with the online stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.

And extra but not mandatory skill would be the ability to implement an AI for people who wish to play alone.


As always, PM/mail me if interested.

E-mail: arkthompsongd at gmail dot com

I’d like to add a thing or two about the whole project.

First of all, I’ve prefixed the thread as unpaid mainly because I intend to release that card game for free. But there can be a financial compensation. I don’t have the funds to hire someone full-time so it would mainly mean someone doing it for the pleasure but I can pay a bit once the project’s finished (don’t expect crazy amounts though ^^'). I can also pay in free games :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, but that’s really in a perfect world, I’d like someone who’d be okay to stay more or less close to me for the future. If the game works well, I’d like to add more cards and stuff in it, so I’d like the programmer to be interested in being available from time to time to update the game with new updates. By then, if I have enough funds and our relationship works well, there can be a more solid way of paiement with a commission-based price paid for each update, for instance. So it can be evolutive.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

As a moderator, I thank you for your discretion sir.