Ads resources?

Ok, made it to the end of the learning how to post to the marker. Bare in mind I am a beginner. I have been able to made a small demo app and successfully was able to make the play store accept the apk with no issues. Now I’m trying to set up AdMod in it . Some research people claim ads don’t work with UE and others have some lengthy tuts on it. What’s the consensus with the ads for Android development using UE? It works or doesn’t?

I’m no programmer but I have been struggling for a long time to get the ads to work. I’m just about to give up and pay for a plugin and hope that works.

Have you checked UnrealMatch3?
It’s a working example of mobile ads and in app purchases.

yep. went over that article. Specifically the In Ads section. Unfortunately its extremely short and not in depth at all. Just shows far too little for a beginner like myself. Any ideas of other posts? I seem to have google to death on that subject and have come across a few posts of UE not being the friendliest of platforms for ads. But it might be personal opinion.

Hmm… can you suggest a plugin? I wasn’t aware of plugins being a solution if all fails… And yeah… I got as far as making a simple ArchViz demo. Packaged it and playstore accepted it with no weird errors. Only step i have left is to add ad to pop up upon launching the app for revenue. So on stand still until i find a solution. You would think UE would have a ton of tutorials to help us since we are giving them 5% of the revenues.

Anyone bought this? Is it any good?

I THINK that might be the one I saw a developer live streaming on Twitch use. He had the same problems trying to get ads to work and he mentioned finally buying a $70ish plugin and finally getting everything to work. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I’m probably going to very soon. Let me know if you end up trying it first. Sounds like we are in the same boat.

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