Ads on characters in Unreal for Android

Hi, is it possible to incorporate code from Admob so that it appears in your Android game, so that characters have ads on them?

Like have actual ads on a rectangle, with arms and legs sticking out, that you can fight?


…because I wanna make a side-scroller where the enemies are actual ads.

I don’t think that’s possible

I’m sure there is a way to create a rectangle in 3DS Max and then texture it by applying a copy + paste version of the advertisement. I would first C+P into MS Paint and then work with that to apply the texture. Unfortunately I do not have enough experience to guide you further, sorry!

That’s not what he wants. If it was just for a texture of an advertisement that would be easy, but Admob is a dynamic system where it will download the ads and adjust what the ads are based off the person and the content. It also keeps track of when ads are viewed so that the app developer is paid by the advertisers. Normally it just shows as a popup on the screen, but he wants it to show on the actual character in 3D.

Pure Evil!

darthviper107 is totally right, except I want to do it as a 2d side-scroller. Is that possible?

The ads would be great enemies, wouldn’t they? Don’t let them get you with their mind-control powers!

And yes, paid by the view. So, free game.

Not possible in 2d?