ADS Animation snaps arms to the left or right when moving backwards left and or right

The Summary

When I move backwards left and or right while aiming the arms snap to the left and or right. I don’t know if it could be the camera component, the spring arm component, the animation itself, the anim graph, the way I calculated the direction and or aim rotation in the event graph. This is getting tough, any help would be appreciated thank you for your time. Here are some photos of the event graph and anim graph. I have modified the animations themselves, I don’t know if the there are two animations colliding so that the hips of the character are moving the arms.

Using the aim rotation to transform the spine.

The Animation Graph where the animations are.

Calculating Speed And Direction In The Animation Blueprint

Calculating the Aim Rotation.

I had to check this box. The arms were moving because of rotation.


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