Ads and IAP on Android

Hello, so I recently purchased UE4, and I just thought about something. Forgot to ask in my previously started thread but, I want to start off making an android 2D game first, and still debating if I should go “free” or paid. May I implement ads or iap on Android via blue print?

Hi Tommy,

You can trigger advertisements from Blueprints (Tappy Chicken has an example), and there is early support for in-app-purchases as well, however at the moment IAP is only implemented on iOS in 4.4, and will be added to Android in a future release.

RE: Advertising, there is support for AdMob on Android currently, and there is a plugin interface if you want/need to add other advertising providers.

Michael Noland

Hi Michael
Any updates on this? Does IAP work on Android ?



Terence was working on it for 4.6 but I don’t know if it made the cut-off or not. I’ll find out and let you know.

Michael Noland

Morning Michael, Sanjit, Tommy,

Unfortnautely this hasnt made it into 4.6, but it will be in the 4.7 release.

  • Terence

Terence, I am looking at the 4.6 Preview source and the Store Interface for Android seems to be implemented now … so is IAP on Android possible now ?


I would recommend you go with the paid version. but don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it. Just download freedom app. Freedom app allows you to do free in-app purchases.