ADS Accuracy issue with 2 cameras- any ideas?

Hey all. It seems the rule of thumb with setting up ADS using 2 cameras is “try to avoid it”. However, the weapon pack I have purchased on the marketplace does not have ADS anims even though its advertised as such (bummer and I have been talking to the creator about it) but anyway- I have decided to go this route and have hit a minor, but annoying issue.

The Issue: Everything “works” but due to using 2 cameras in different locations any subject that was centered with the cross-hair before ADS is a bit off once ADS…which requires players to have to re-center the sights on the subject that was previously centered.

**My question is - Is there a better way I could be doing this using 2 cameras to avoid this issue? Is there a way to do this by moving the 1 FPS camera without the need for the second camera? **Essentially, is there a better way to do ADS without ADS anims? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Images to explain:

**Before ADS: **(I added a white dot at the center of the screen as a dummy cross-hair to guarantee center placement.)

**ADS: **You can see the center shifts off of the cube and down to the right a bit

The camera component is in the weapon actor BP which is a child of a weapon parentBP. This is the ADS logic

**WeaponBP: **Each weapon in the pack attaches to a different bone on the Arms Mesh