Adopt dynamic parent's transform

Hi, I’m having trouble with the AttachToActor Blueprint node in getting transformations relative to the parent.

I spawn an actor, let’s call it Mother
I spawn another actor, let’s call it Daughter
I then call AttachToActor and pass in Daughter as the Target and Mother as the Parent Actor

However, if I rotate Mother using SetActorTransform (say 30 degrees) and then translate Daughter around using SetActorTransform, the Daughter moves relative to the world instead of relative to the Mother.

I want it to move along the parents rotated axis.
Should this be working or am I doing something wrong somewhere?

Yes, use SetActorRelativeRotation for the daughter… :slight_smile:

Thankyou! Short, succinct, and exactly what I needed.
I used SetActorRelativeTransform instead of SetActorTransform and all is well.
Don’t know why I never saw the relative one in there!